Trust is the basis for all human relations and to uphold trust is a virtue.

“Do not look at how much they fast or pray… but look instead at their truthfulness and trustworthiness” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Truthfulness and trustworthiness are the two characters which signify an individual’s faithfulness to the message of Islam. The concept of trust in Islam is applicable to every interaction we make and each action we undertake. Mosafer Trust, as the name suggests, upholds the integrity of trust as Islam demands in everything that we do.

We offer a suite of solutions for businesses or individuals who are keen to enter the challenging yet rewarding global halal market space.

Mosafer Trust’s services include:

Product and Business Development
Training and Verification
Branding and Communication
Community Development

Mosafer C is the marketing agency for the International Halal Integrity Alliance. Our mission is to propagate the benefits of halal and elevate it as the accepted standards for the global consumers. We do this by offering related products and services such as training programs and international certification.