Dry Paste

Gluten-free, vegan, no preservation.


Malay & Asean food is well known around the world to be deliciously full of flavor and various spices, leaving you wanting for more

However, in today’s ‘time is of the essence’ world, one may not have the time to whip up these mouth-watering dishes if it is to be made by scratch. It is also a burden to the pockets if one were to eat out every day in order to enjoy truly Malay & Asean flavors.

That’s where we come in – MAZNAH is here to solve your Malay & Asean food cravings



1- Gluten-free Malaysian cooked dry paste with no preservatives - rest assured the taste is authentic.

2- Whip up delectable dishes in minutes - it doesn't take a genius to cook with Maznah

3- Express yourself freely in the kitchen: the Maznah world of dry pastes is yours to explore - the adventure begins!


  • Costs of the raw ingredient, reduce 10% - 20%
  • Quantity and usage of raw ingredient reduce 20% - 50%
  • cost of food, reduce 3% - 10%
  • Reduce time for raw ingredient preparation: 20% - 30%
  • Healthy: Natural & Gluten-free
  • Only basic cooking experience required
  • Ready-to-eat, and can be a flavor enhancer
  • allow expressing creativity with food

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Who doesn’t need a little bit of curry in their lives?

Originally from India, this popular dish needs no introduction. Rich in texture, aroma, and spices, the curry gravy leaves many in awe and wanting for Chicken, beef and mutton are some of the more popular varieties of this dish.


The humble Hawker stall favourite

This Thai originated dish has become a crowd favorite at hawker and roadside stalls – it’s a chili paste gravy-based dish that is commonly paired with chicken or beef, to be eaten with rice.


The dish from the village that made it big

Hot Yellow Curry or in its native tongue, "Masak Lemak Cili Padi" is one for the ages - bird's eye chili is the main ingredient of this dish.From its humble origins in the rural villages, the coconut milk together with the chillis and other spices makes this gravy based dish a fusion of tastes: spicy, creamy, and let's not even talk about the lingering aftertaste.


Malaysia’s superstar, cult classic dish

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or supper –one can never go wrong with rendang. It is traditionally made from coconut milk and spices such as turmeric leaves, galangal, ginger, lemongrass, garlic, shallots, and other spices. If made from scratch, it will take hours and hours as it is slow-cooked and braised into perfection.


The humble Hawker stall favorite

With roots from neighboring Thailand, this popular hot and sour soup has made its way to the hearts of many worldwide - there nothing quite like having a hot bowl of tom yam on a rainy and cold day. Typically eaten with seafood, the all flexible tom yam tastes great with meat, vegetables, or even vegetables. Trust us on this one - tom yam is a must-have!


The dish from the village that made it big

Spices galore is the name of the game for this one - cumin, ground coriander, cardamom, cinnamon sticks; you name it - this one has it all! The explosion of taste when you take your first sip of this aroma rich soup will leave you hooked for more. Typically paired with oxtail or chicken, this popular soup can be found in both humble hawker stalls and high end eateries.


A crowd favorite, for those who are hooked on flavourful broth

A must-have noodle dish when in Malaysia, one is instantly captive by the aroma of the broth. Typically found in the northern states of Malaysia, it is no surprise that this dish made it to No. 7 in CNN'S best food's in the world 2018


Yup, we do love curry

Yet another variation of the curry family, this seafood curry seasoning is made specifically for seafood. take your pick: prawn, fish, or squid - let's curry them all.