Our Philosophy

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the ‘ummah’ and the integration of the Islamic values in all aspects of our life and how we do business.

“Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler.” – Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Mosafer C is on a journey. A journey of a lifetime where the greatest reward awaits at the ultimate destination for all Muslims, the ‘jannah’ or Paradise. It is indeed desirous for all who believe in the greatest of all planners, Allah SWT. To attain this, each of us undergo a journey called life where good deeds are rewarded and sins are given their due punishment.

The people behind Mosafer C are all travellers. We are guided by our mission to bring together others on our journey to build a global halal market place.  A business landscape where our actions are guided by Islamic values. We work together with like-minded people; our clients, collaborators and partners. Each of us may have a different goal or objective. Yet we are united in our commitment to conduct our business with integrity, good intention and in good faith.

In the pursuit of the ultimate attainment, we ensure our journey at Mosafer C is without any unnecessary baggage that would impede our progress. We strongly adhere to the notion of doing things with good intention. We ensure that we remain transparent in our dealings with our clients and partners. Above all, our team members are committed to deliver our best services.

The provision of ‘taqwa’ or God-wariness in our journey of life ensures that we remain aware of the temptation to stray from the path of good. Our team at Mosafer C is guided by the teachings of the Holy Quran. On its pages are the solutions to all problems and a roadmap to success, here and for the hereafter.

Our journey of life does not require any mode of transportation. We look, instead, at the ‘sunnah’ or the methodology of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He has indeed shown us the actions or steps we must follow on our journey. Thus, in every situation we find ourselves in, we would reflect on how he would have reacted and what method he would have implemented.

To be a traveler is to be on the move at all times. There is a danger of losing sight of our goal when we linger for too long at any point of the journey. This is reflected in the constant development of business ideas, opportunities and collaborations Mosafer C offers.

At Mosafer C, we understand the need to be ready for anything especially with the constantly volatile global business landscape. Our team members come from different background and are experts in their own field. Their maturity and level-headedness in overcoming any challenges are assured with their years of experience.

Giving up is not an option for us. When the going gets tough, we get going full steam ahead. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, “If the Resurrection were established upon one of you while he has in his hand a sapling, then let him plant it.” (Ahmad). It is clear that even with our last breath, we are told to never give up. At Mosafer C, we remain committed to achieve our goals regardless of the obstacles we face.

Mosafer C’s journey begins with a clear picture of our ultimate destination. We identify our goals and equip ourselves with the knowledge and guidance we receive from the ‘sunnah’. We are building a community or ‘ummah’ with a set of guidelines derived from the Holy Quran. Our actions follow closely the values of our Islamic faith. In the end, we submit to Allah SWT, the greatest of all planners.