Muslim-friendly tourism is growing exponentially with an estimated spending of USD2308 billion in 2019 or 13% of the global expenditure. According to Malaysia’s Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC), Islamic tourism is defined as ‘any activity, event and experience undertaken in a state of travel that is in accordance with Islam’.

Mosafer Experience specializes in developing and marketing Muslim-friendly and halal-centric tourism products. Muslim travellers continue to grow annually along with the rising spending power of the millennials who are more discerning in choosing where to go and what to do when they travel. They seek to be inspired and to engage on a deeper level with the local communities during their travel. Taking into consideration the latest travel trend and consumer demand, Mosafer Experience has identified and developed specialised travel products for different market segments such as responsible tourism, community-based tourism and volunteerism.

Mosafer Experience offerings include:


Muslim friendly travel experiences which are inspired by the unique culture and natural beauty of Malaysia. Each is instilled with a sense of social responsibility to inspire the travellers especially the younger generation.

UMRA (Mecca and Madinah)

Our bespoke umra packages offer personalization that meet the requirements of the pilgrims such as choice of accommodation, length of stay and budget restrictions.

HALAL KIMCHI (South Korea)

Muslim friendly travel experiences in South Korea with greater opportunity for travellers to engage a more meaningful level with the local communities.


Muslim friendly tour packages in Japan which offer a refreshing look at the local culture and tradition.


Muslim friendly tour packages in Spain that highlight the history of the country, ties to the Islamic world and the natural charm of its people.

JUMPSTART (Malaysia)

Specialized programs for the youth/students and retirees. This include short-term or long-term stay, tours to institution of higher learning and retirement packages.


Mosafer Experience places great importance in working closely with the local communities that we serve. Whenever possible, our travel experiences largely include the involvement of local hosts and guides, activities’ operators, small business owners (retails and F&B) and students. This is part of our ongoing effort to give back to the community through job creation and revenue generating opportunities.