Mosafer Campus offers a host of benefits for the students, teachers and participating schools.

Mosafer Campus is an online digital platform dedicated to raise and elevate the quality of educational institutions and related bodies in preparation for globalization specifically in the areas of technical and vocational learning.

The technology utilized is expected to improve the quality of the teaching and learning methodology through innovative processes that would not amend or change the existing curriculum.


Mosafer Campus is a digital platform established specifically to introduce programs and modules that would elevate the standards of Indonesia’s vocational schools (SMK) and students. This is a national-level initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture that has been entrusted with the key role as the main driver.

The main objective of Mosafer Campus is to provide the required certifications for various areas of studies and industries. This is expected to contribute to the overall improvement of the participating schools. The desired result is the cluster of industry-ready graduates with better prospects for employment. We are also offering students the opportunity to maximize their future prospect by developing their skills through a holistic education.

Mosafer Campus invites organisations, associations, related bodies and individuals to collaborate and assist the participating schools with financial contribution and sponsorship.